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10 jan 2023: Alpha version released

A few days ago, the alpha release of the game has gone live on Steam. The game is still under development, but the basic features like the AI training and genetics system are already in place. Please follow us on discord or steam for updates.

We're Coming Soon!

Get ready we have something coming that is going to blow you away.

We are about to release a real life simulation game called "Darwin's Aquarium". This is the place to start training and breeding your first artificial intelligence to control the fish in your aquarium. Make sure to set up the aquarium correctly and let the evolution start! Be watchful of the water quality and light setup. Ensure the environment contains right amount of nutrition, oxygen and salt. Place some algae, anemones and, of course, some fish! Let them hunt, cooperate or evade each other. They'll mutate and being selected, either by nature or by you.

And remember: The survival of the fittest does not mean the strongest or the best. It means that the most adaptive species will survive.

  •  Realtime Artificial Intelligence
  • > 30 individual fish
  • Individual Terraforming
  • Realistic water chemistry system
  • Fully implemented evolution process
  • Mutation, selection & evolution
  • Lots of features coming in future updates


  • Cooperate with your friends
  • Trading unique genomes with other players